The Stanislaus County Sheriff's Department Civil Division maintains the goal to serve all received process in a reasonable and timely manner while maintaining an impartial stance between all parties involved or having an interest in a case.

The Civil Division provides a variety of Civil process which includes summons and complaints, small claims documents for a civil lawsuit, restraining orders, bench warrants and any other notice or order from the courts. We also levy on wages, bank accounts, vehicles or any asset of the judgment debtor.

This website provides information related to the most common services by the Civil Division. The Civil Forms section currently includes Letters of Instructions for Service, Writ of Possessions, Application for Wage Garnishment and the current Fee Schedule for Services, Levies, Evictions, and Keeper Fees.

The Stanislaus County Sheriff’s Department Civil Division is comprised of both clerical and sworn staff. Clerical personnel process incoming requests for service, enter them into the civil computer system and distribute process service and enforcement actions to the field deputies for completion. Clerical personnel collect money pursuant to wage garnishments, bank levies and other enforcement actions and distribute it to the judgment creditor(s) or a designee towards satisfying the judgment. Clerical personnel also process claims, stays, exemptions and bankruptcies on civil enforcement actions and communicate with the courts to determine dispositions. Clerical personnel maintain accounting on each Sheriff’s levy file, return writs to the court and distribute proofs of service or service attempt reports to the requester of a service or enforcement action. Clerical personnel also receive inquiries from the public on the status of services and enforcement actions, but are strictly prohibited from giving legal advice or referrals to private service providers, such as attorneys or registered process servers.

The Civil Unit sworn staff is dedicated to civil enforcement and process service. Civil Unit sworn personnel perform evictions throughout the county on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. They also serve restraining orders and immediate move-out orders, serve civil bench warrants and enforce civil judgments. Enforcement of civil judgments can include the following: levy on and sell personal property to satisfy money judgments, install Sheriff’s Keepers in going businesses to collect proceeds of sales transactions to satisfy money judgments and seizing property and turning it over to the plaintiff in a civil action. If so directed by the court, civil deputies can enter a home or private place to levy on personal property with an entry order issued by the court.