Regular Visit  - A visit between an inmate and family members, friends, and associates.

Contact Visit - A visit between an inmate and immediate family members which permits informal visitation.

Official Visit - A visit between an inmate and an attorney or other officials, i.e., law enforcement agents, Parole or Probation agents, psychiatrists, physicians, clergy, etc.

Court Ordered Visit  - A visit for an inmate requested by a Judge of the Municipal or Superior Court Judge. All court orders for inmate visits are to be referred to the Facility Commander for review.

Special Visit - A contact or non-contact visit, depending on the circumstances, between an inmate and their family members, friends, and associates who have traveled a long distance and are unable to visit during regularly scheduled visiting hours.


When there is reasonable suspicion that a visitor is concealing contraband, a Deputy or Sergeant will advise the visitor that they will not be allowed to enter the Facility for a visit without submitting to an unclothed search. The Deputy or Sergeant will verbally advise the visitor of their right to refuse an unclothed search. In the event the visitor refuses the search, the visitor will be allowed to leave the Facility, losing their visiting privilege on that date only.

In the event the visitor agrees to the unclothed search, the visitor will be required to sign a Consent to Search form. An incident or crime report will be written by the staff member conducting the search of the visitor, indicating the reason for the search, and what, if anything, was found. The Consent to Search form will be attached with the incident report.

Any criminal conduct by a visitor may result in their arrest.