All fields on the Visitor Request Form must be complete and legible. If all fields are not complete and legible the receiving deputy will not accept the visit form. The receiving deputy will submit the completed visit request form to the visit clerk for review.

Visit request forms and visitor appeal forms will be available at each detention facility and online at Visit forms will be accepted at each facility during normal visitation hours or may be mailed directly to the appropriate facility. Forms may be accepted outside visitation hours at the discretion of the shift supervisor.

Visitor applicants must present a valid governmental identification that depicts, at a minimum, the bearers name, date of birth, physical description, and signature at the time of visitor application. Additionally, visitors must present their valid governmental identification each time they request to visit with an inmate. Any person who falsely identifies themselves to gain admittance to a Stanislaus County detention facility is guilty of a misdemeanor and may be prosecuted (California Penal Code Section(s) 4570.5)

The visitor approval clerk will review all requests for approval and return a copy of the visitor approval form notifying the inmate which visitors are approved or disapproved to visit. Under most circumstances, visit request forms will be reviewed by the visit clerk within 24 hours, but no later than 72 hours, from the time of submission. Special visits may occur prior to the approval process with the approval of the shift supervisor.


Any visitor applicant who has been confined in a State prison facility or who has been convicted of a crime will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis for visitor approval. Final approval/denial will be at the discretion of the Facility Commander. Visitor applicants who have been incarcerated in Stanislaus County may not visit within 30 days of their release.  Any visitor applicant who has been incarcerated for crimes involving weapons, controlled substances, or violence may not visit an inmate in Stanislaus County within three (3) years of their release from custody, final disposition of sentence, or release from probation or other alternative to custody.

Inmates may only have a total of six approved visitors. Minor children do not need to be submitted for approval and do not count towards the approved visitors.

Minor children must be accompanied by their parent or legal guardian during visitation. The accompanying parent or legal guardian must be an approved visitor and present proof of guardianship if requested to do so by the visit deputy or shift supervisor.

Visitors who are unable to adequately supervise their children while inside the facility will not be allowed to visit and asked to leave the facility. Visitors who are disruptive or cause disturbances that result in a crime may be arrested. If a visitor is escorted from the facility for disruptive behavior, the visitor will be denied approval to visit until re-approved by the facility commander.

An inmate may refuse to see a visitor. If an inmate refuses a visitor, that person may be removed from the approved visitor list. Inmates must submit an inmate request form (Kite) to delete visitors from their approved visitor list. Deletions to an inmate’s approved visitor list are conducted monthly provided the request is submitted by the first of the month.· Additional visitors may be denied visitation if the inmate has not adjusted their approved visitor list to allow for additional visitors.

Visitors must conform to the dress code approved by the facility commander and posted in the inmate informational guide available in each living area and in public lobbies. Displays by visitors of gang colors, symbols, marks or attire representing gang affiliation are strictly forbidden in visiting areas.

Suspension of regular visitation for reasons of safety, security or under exigent circumstances may occur at the direction of the shift supervisor or facility commander.

Visitors who aid or assist, or attempt to aid or assist, an inmate escape from jail will be permanently banned from visitation and may be prosecuted under California law (California Penal Code Section(s) 4534, 4535, 4550).

Bringing firearms, explosives, alcoholic beverages, narcotics, and controlled substances into a detention facility is a crime and cause for arrest (California Penal Code Section(s) 2772, 2790, 4573, 4573.5, 4573.6, 4573.8, 4573.9, 4574).

Visitors who appear to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs will not be allowed to visit and may be subject to arrest.

Cameras, radios, portable phones, video/audio recording devices, purses, bags, baby strollers, car seats, diaper bags, oversized hats, keys, backpacks, briefcases, wallets, food or drink, or similar objects that could be used to compromise facility security are banned from visiting and secure perimeter areas within the grounds of the facility (official visitors may be exempt and exceptions to this policy may be reviewed on a case-by-case basis by the facility commander).

Visitors will not give to or take anything from an inmate without prior approval from the shift supervisor (California Penal Code Section(s) 2540, 2541, 4570, 4570.1)

Any person found to be communicating, in any manner, with an inmate other than the inmate they signed up to visit may constitute a crime and may be cause for arrest (California Penal Code Section(s) 4570, 4570.1).

Any visitor who destroys, damages or defaces any facility property will lose approval of visiting privileges and be escorted from the facility. If the damage is determined to be a crime, the visitor may be arrested (California Penal Code 4600).

Visitors entering a Stanislaus County detention facility may be subject to a search of their person, vehicle or property. The type and scope of the search will be based on the facility and the potential access the visitor has to the facility or inmates.

Hostages will not be recognized for bargaining purposes during escape attempts by inmates.

Visitors may only visit one inmate per day.

Download the .pdf version of the Visiting Rules.