The Stanislaus County Sheriff's Department Adult Detention Division Support Services is dedicated to providing services relating to food, laundry and commissary with continuous efficiency and cost effectiveness, responsive to the needs of staff and inmates at all detention facilities within the Sheriff's Department. Our goals are to be accurate, comprehensive, competent, efficient, effective, organized, productive, professional, progressive, and responsive.

Central Kitchen:The Central Kitchen is dedicated to providing a comprehensive food service purchasing, production and delivery system to all applicable county facilities. Our goal is to provide meals that comply with dietary guidelines of Federal, State, and Local laws, mandates, and requirements.  We strive to meet the average daily nutritional requirements needed for overall body maintenance and working efficiency adjusted for age, sex, and activity of our clients. This will be accomplished in a manner that ensures safe and sanitary food preparation and delivery, adequate allocation, and overall waste reduction.

Central Laundry: The laundry unit is responsible for providing laundry services for the two adult detention facilities. The laundry detail presently uses ten inmate workers to process close to 3500 pounds of laundry a day, five days a week, washing and drying inmate clothing, linens and towels for the Men’s Jail and Public Safety Center.  The laundry has one 125-pound capacity and four 250-pound capacity washers, and two 75-pound capacity, one 125-pound capacity and two 275-pound capacity dryers.

Inmate Commissary: The commissary provides a service to the inmate population where they can purchase personal hygiene items, phone cards, recreational supplies and non-perishable food items. Revenue generated from the sale of these items goes into the Inmate Welfare Fund.