The establishment, coordination, scheduling, and monitoring of programs for inmates is the responsibility of the Facility Commander or designee. Each staff member is expected to assist in the endeavor by forwarding both positive and negative comments about existing programs, suggestions for improvement, and ideas for additional programs to the Facility Commander. Information regarding new programs will also be made available to both staff and inmates as they are developed and implemented.

Generally, limited programs will be offered within the housing areas. Friends Outside and the Chaplain may regularly visit housing areas to handle specific outside problems which might affect an inmate’s adjustment to custody.

Inmates will be afforded equal opportunity to participate in all Facility programs regardless of their race, national origin, color, creed, sex, economic status, or political belief.

The custody staff will limit or discontinue a specific volunteer or volunteer activity if any of the following occurs:

    • A threat to good order or security of the Facilities.
    • A threat to the safety (including both physical and/or mental health) of the volunteer, inmate, or staff.

The custody staff member who determines that a specific volunteer or volunteer program poses a threat to security will generate an Incident Report containing all pertinent information. The report will be forwarded via the Shift Sergeant to the Facility Commander for investigation and disposition of the incident. The Facility Commander maintains the right to curtail, postpone, or discontinue the services of a volunteer or volunteer organization at his or her discretion.


Various educational and substance abuse programs are available to inmates. They may elect to participate in education classes ranging from the Breaking Barriers Program, to high school equivalency, E.L.S.E., Parenting or substance abuse programs such as Alcoholics Anonymous, Women of Wisdom or Narcotic Anonymous.


The religious program provides for services and counseling to all inmates regardless of denomination or faith.

A Facility Chaplain will coordinate various Ministers from the community to perform these services.


A book cart is made available to inmates for recreational reading. Inmates may possess a total of five (5) books or magazines, excluding a bible, and one newspaper. This total includes personal as well as library books or magazines. The law library is also available to inmates. To reserve a visit inmates must complete an "Inmate Request Form" and forward it to their Housing Deputy. With written approval of the Operations Sergeant, inmates may have an unrestricted amount of legal material in their possession, as long as it is not a fire hazard.


Inmates may become aware of programs in a variety of ways. New program announcements will be posted in each housing area as they are developed. It is anticipated that inmates will share "word of mouth" information regarding the availability and/or desirability of programs. To participate in one or more programs, inmates must complete an "Inmate Request Form" and turn it in to the Housing Deputy. The Housing Deputy will forward the forms to the appropriate program.