New Coroner Facility SignStanislaus County Coroner's Facility
921 Oakdale Rd.
Modesto, CA 95355


To report a death only call 209-552-2468

We are open Monday through Friday, 8:00am to 5:00pm, closed for lunch 12:00pm to 1:00pm
Releases are only from 1:30pm to 4:30pm
Not open to the public on the weekends or holidays.

The Coroner’s Office is a part of the Sheriff’s Department.

We are mandated by law to investigate certain deaths, as enumerated in California Government Code section 27491 and California Health and Safety Code section 102850, to determine cause and manner of death. These include many categories such as homicide, suicide and unexpected deaths.

The Coroner Division is an investigative unit responsible for carrying out the statutory duties of the Coroner. Those duties include investigation into the circumstances surrounding all deaths falling within the Coroner's jurisdiction for the purpose of determining the identity of the deceased, the medical cause of death, the manner of death, and the date and time of death. Medicolegal death investigations are conducted countywide on all homicides, suicides, accidents, suspicious and unexplained deaths. Other duties include notifying the next of kin, safeguarding personal property, collection of evidence, and completion of mandatory records and documents. The Division is also proactive in the community, participating in programs geared towards preventing drunk driving and drug use; identifying consumer products causing fatal injury; domestic violence, child abuse and elder abuse; and providing educational services for medical, legal and law enforcement professionals. Other contributions to the community include cooperative relationships with non-profit organ and tissue procurement agencies to enhance the quality of life and save lives.

If it is determined that an autopsy, external examination or toxicology analysis is required to determine or confirm the cause and manner of death pursuant to California Government Code Section 27491, tissue(s)/organ(s)/body fluid(s) may be retained for analysis and/or evidentiary purposes pursuant to California Government Code Section 27491.4. Tissues/organs/body fluids retained at autopsy or as part of any coroner investigative procedure will be disposed of pursuant to California Health and Safety Code Section 7054.4

Mission Statement

The Stanislaus County Coroner’s Facility mission is to effectively and efficiently meet the needs of the community by providing the highest quality investigative and forensic services, with professionalism, respect, and concern for the community and the deceased.


In collaboration with our community partners, we will:
• Provide comprehensive and complete death investigations.
• Promote educational prevention programs in the community to prevent deaths.
• Provide open communication within the medical and legal community.
• Be innovative, responsive and dynamic as an organization and as individuals.

Core Values

The Core Values that guide the actions and conduct of all members of the Stanislaus County Coroner’s Facility are:

Integrity: We are committed to the highest standards of trust, responsibility, moral conviction, and ethical conduct to which we are held accountable.

Excellence: We are committed to achieve the highest standards of performance and professional conduct.

Compassion: We are committed to recognizing and responding with sincerity to the needs, concerns, and fears of those experiencing loss.

Why is the Coroner involved in the death of my loved one?

The Coroner is required by state law (Government Code Section 27491) to investigate all unnatural deaths or deaths where the attending Medical Doctor is unable to state a reasonable cause of death as well as cases where the deceased has not been seen by a doctor for 20 days prior to death. Our responsibility is to establish positive identity of the deceased; determine the place, date and time; and the cause and manner of death. The Coroner's investigation is not limited to the examination of the deceased, but may include interviews with family members and other witnesses, the collection of physical evidence and the safeguarding of personal property found at the death scene.

Where is my loved one being taken?

When necessary, your loved one is transported to the Coroner’s Facility in Modesto for autopsy or safekeeping, and later released to the family’s authorized funeral home or cremation service.

Can I see my loved one at the coroner's office?

The coroner's office does not permit viewing or visitation. The deceased will be released to a funeral home for viewing. For further information on your loved one's specific details, please contact the Coroner’s office during business hours.

What do I do now?

Contact the funeral home of your choice. They are prepared to assist you in making your selections and decisions. They will work closely with us to arrange the release of your loved one's remains from our facility. They will also guide you in deciding how many certified copies of the death certificate that you will need & order them for you when they file with the county.

Is an autopsy needed?

Autopsies are not always necessary with every death investigated by the coroner. Approximately 50% of all deaths investigated by this coroner's office do not involve an autopsy examination. Autopsies are performed only on those cases where it is required by law or where it is necessary to determine the cause of death. The coroner has the discretion to determine the extent of the inquiry.

Are there any Coroner fees?

In accordance with state law, a fee of $175.00 is charged for transportation and handling of the remains. The Funeral Home or Mortuary will generally bring a check for this amount when they come to the Coroner’s Office to pick up your loved one. This charge then becomes part of the funeral expense. All other costs associated with the autopsy examination are covered by the County and not charged to the estate or the family members.

When can I have the funeral?

The Coroner will complete the examination portion of the investigation as soon as possible. For further information on your loved one's specific details, please contact the Coroner’s Office. Our goal is to work with families in order to not delay funeral plans.

What if I have no money for funeral expenses?

If the deceased does not have sufficient funds for burial, the next of kin may apply for a county indigent disposition. Please contact the Coroner’s Office for an indigent disposition application. In these circumstances, proof of indigence is required. The family should contact the Coroner’s Office during business hours regarding an indigent disposition.

Can I find out the cause of death?

Yes, in the majority of cases. Information regarding a homicide investigation will not be released. Call the Coroner’s Office in the late afternoon to learn the results of an autopsy conducted that day. Any member of the staff can furnish you with the cause and manner of death appearing on the Death Certificate. Occasionally, to determine the cause of death further studies such as microscopic and toxicological tests must be performed. In these instances a "Pending" death certificate is released to the mortuary along with the deceased so that funeral services can be completed without delay. When these further studies or investigation have been completed and amended death certificate is issued. "Pending" death certificates can be purchased through the funeral home or Vital Statistics however, some financial, estate, probate or business matters may be dependent upon the final death certificate.

How do I get copies of the Death Certificate?

To request copies of Death Certificates, please contact Stanislaus County Vital Records located at 917 Oakdale Road, Modesto Ca 95355. Vital Records can be reached Monday-Friday 8am-5pm at 209-558-8070, and fax number is 209-558-8078.

How do I get copies of Coroner records?

A copy of the autopsy report can be purchased and may be ordered by mail or in person during regular business hours. The cost of a Coroner's report is $0.25 per page. When ordering by mail, you must complete the report request form and include a business check, cashier's check, or money order made payable to the Stanislaus County Coroner Office. (Personal checks are not accepted.) Cash payment is acceptable in person. Mail all requests to Stanislaus County Coroner's Office, 921 Oakdale Road, Modesto, CA 95355. Not all reports are available for release. Coroner's Report Request Form (English) (Spanish)

How do I reclaim property taken by the Coroner?

The Coroner may release property directly to the legal next of kin or any other person furnishing written authorization from the legal next of kin. Property often is released with the remains to the funeral service making removal. Proof of identification must be provided in order to pick up property.