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Modesto, CA. 95358

Business Phone:  (209) 525-7117
Fax: (209) 525-7111

Our office hours are: 
Monday through Friday, 8:00am to 5:00pm (Closed Holidays).

The Sheriff’s Office provides a variety of records retrieval, copying of Crime/Incident Reports, Criminal Records Checks, Live Scan Fingerprint Services, and Gun Permits. You are invited to view all of the information in the linked pages to Records for additional information regarding these services and fees collected.  Should you have any questions, please call the Records Division at 209-525-7117.

FEE: $5.00 for the first four (4) pages, $1.00 per page after first four pages.

To obtain Crime/Incident reports you can come in person to the Stanislaus County Sheriffs Operations Center, 250 E. Hackett Road, Modesto, California 95358.

You must have a valid form of identification with you at the time of your request. (See examples.)

Upon arrival, you will need to fill out the "Application for Release of Information."

The majority of these reports may be released to the victim or the reporting person. In cases involving loss of property, the report may also be released to the insurance company. Occasionally, there will be a delay in receiving the report due to approval of the Detective assigned to the case.

In regards to reports with juveniles involved, it will be necessary for the person requesting the report to complete a Petition for Release of Information for the Stanislaus County Juvenile Court Referee.

Per Government code Section 6256, each agency upon request for a copy of records shall determine within 10 days after the receipt of such request, whether to comply with the request. In some cases, this might take longer, such as cases with Juveniles.


*Note: All fees are subject to change.

FEE:  $25.00

The subject of the record must appear in person at the Sheriff's Department in order to initiate a criminal record check.

The requestor must present one (1) form of identification. (See examples.)

The subject of record must fill out an "Application To Examine Arrest Record." This record is for arrests in Stanislaus County only.

More extensive criminal information must be obtained from the California Department of Justice in Sacramento.

Traffic offense transcripts can be obtained from the California Department of Motor Vehicles.

*Note: All fees are subject to change.

FEE: $25.00

An incarceration letter outlines dates and times of your incarceration within Stanislaus County jail facilites ONLY.

In order to obtain an incarceration letter, you will need to appear in person with a valid form of identification. (See examples.)

*Note: All fees are subject to change.

FEE: $5.00

A clearance letter indicates that upon a name and date of birth check, you have No Criminal Record with the Stanislaus County Sheriff's Department. This is a local check only and is NOT based on fingerprint comparison.

In order to obtain a criminal clearance letter you will need to appear in person with a valid form of identification. (See examples.)

If you have a criminal arrest record, you will need to apply for an arrest record letter and not a records clearance letter.

*Note: All fees are subject to change.

Our LiveScan Fingerprint Service is Suspended Until Further Notice.

For a list of other livescan locations, visit the California Department of Justice website.
California Department of Justice

In an attempt to streamline the CCW process from start to finish and cut down on the wait times for CCW appointments, the Stanislaus County Sheriff’s Office has implemented a new automated system for the process of CCW permits, Permitium. Permitium will allow applicants to fill out applications online, make a payment with credit card(s) online, and schedule their own appointments. It will also allow applicants to monitor the progress of their permits without having to call in to the CCW Unit. Also, this new process will allow for the ability to submit requests for modifications to permits for change of address, name change and weapon(s) changes.
To begin a CCW process, visit the following address:


Stanislaus CA @

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Frequently Asked Questions: 



 CCW Applicant Quick Guides:

 New Applicants

Renewal Applicants


 If you have any further questions, you may call the CCW Unit at 209-525-7135.


As of 3/28/2022, if you were previously registered to take a course with a provider who is not on the Sheriff's Office approved list, you will have until 9/1/2022 to complete the course. All applicants who have applied after 3/28/2022 are required to use a provider listed on the "Acceptable Courses of Training".


Approved Training Course Providers


If you have questions about becoming a CCW training provider, please contact our CCW Unit at 209-525-7135.