Human Resources is divided into four different units:

Payroll is responsible for: Payroll, Family Medical Leave and 4850 paperwork, Time Cards, Open Enrollment Insurance and changes during the year, Generates paperwork to hire full time and part time personnel, Generates paperwork to change personal information of personnel for the county payroll system, Generates paperwork to move personnel from department to department, Generates paperwork to promote, demote, suspend personnel in the county payroll system, Tracks additional pays for specialty team members, Tracks the number of absences an employee has accrued during the calendar year.

Workers Compensation is responsible for Liaison with Employees, Administration, County Risk Management, Third party Claims Administrator, work comp attorneys.

Temporary disabilities, permanent disabilities, temporary and permanent accommodations. Health and Wellness programs, incentives, activities and renovations of the fitness facilities, Coordination Blood Drives we host

Safety Unit oversees the Injury & Illness Prevention program in compliance with Cal/OSHA regulations and County policy.  The Safety Officer serves as Chairperson of the departmental health and safety committee.  The committee meets bi-monthly to review accidents and determine root causes of incidents to help reduce the likelihood of recurrence.  Areas of duties include; safety training and record keeping, hearing conservation, emergency preparedness, ergonomics, driver improvement and exposure control plans that include respiratory protection and blood borne pathogens.  The Safety Officer will also conduct accident investigations, facility inspections and evacuation drills as well as various analytical studies regarding on the job injuries, worker's compensation and vehicle accident.  Reports are presented to managers and staff to review trends and help increase awareness of safe and healthy work practices that focus on protecting lives and property.

Recruitment/Background Unit is one part of the Administrative Services Division of the Stanislaus County Sheriff's Department. The Sheriff's Department has a Recruitment Team made up of Sheriff's Dept. personnel who represent the department at schools, safety and career fairs, and many other events. The Background Unit conducts background investigations on all personnel who work for the Sheriff's Department. Typically, only 2-3 applicant's out of 100 who apply for a position will actually be hired.

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