The Stanislaus County Sheriff's Department Canine Unit exists for no other reason than to:

• Provide a high level of quality service
• Provide protection to our community
• Provide support to field deputies 

The K-9 Unit has evolved from two handlers and two dogs in 1981. The original handlers were Detective Lydell Wall and Sgt. Lloyd Allen, their respective canines were Si and Bean. Today, the unit consists of eight handlers, eight canines, a unit supervisor and unit commander. The canine unit is dedicated to professional service through high standards of weekly training and on-going education of handlers and trainers.

The Stanislaus County Sheriff's Department K-9 Unit provides trained police dogs and handlers 24-hours a day. The canine team is proud to be a daily utilized special unit provided to the community.

The goal of the K-9 Unit is to protect the citizens, apprehend suspects and add to the safety of the deputies. Services include:

• Apprehension of criminal offenders
• Locate missing persons
• Searches of buildings and property
• Provide crowd control
• Provide public awareness demonstrations

These services are provided through the daily patrol activities and through educational and public demonstrations.

For More Information About the K9 Unit,
Visit their Association Website
at www.ssk9.com

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