The Crimes Against Persons Unit (CAP) is a Detective Division tasked with investigating homicides and other major crimes. CAP Detectives investigate all felony cases dealing with:

• Homicide
• Suspicious deaths
• Suicides
• In-custody deaths
• Domestic Violence
• Stalking/Threats
• Sexual Assaults (adult victims)
• Felony assaults (serious injuries)
• Weapons violations/Assaults with deadly weapons
• Robbery/Car jacking


Information for victims of violent crimes or their family members can be obtained by contacting the Sheriffs Department Investigations Division and speaking with a C.A.P. Detective. Information regarding reimbursement for damages or injuries through the California Victim Compensation Program (CalVCP) may also be obtained from the investigating detective or the Stanislaus District Attorney’s Office through their Victim-Witness program.

Additional information for victims can be found at the California Department of Corrections & Rehabilitation Victim & Survivor Rights & Services website and at the State of California Department of Justice Office of the Attorney General Victims' Services Unit website. 

For further information contact the Crimes Against Persons Unit at:

(209) 525-7074