The General Crimes Unit (GCU) of the Stanislaus County Sheriffs Department handles a wide variety of investigations.The primary function of the GCU is to follow-up on cases that originated at the patrol level. Cases are forwarded to Detectives for leads to be investigated, suspects to be tracked down and property to be returned to owners.

The GCU Detectives rely heavily on the citizens of our community to keep their eyes and ears open and report suspicious activity. It is the goal of the General Crimes Unit and the Stanislaus County Sheriff's Department to work together as partners with our communities. With this Partnership in place, and the hard work of our dedicated employees, we can make a difference in Stanislaus County.

Detectives of the General Crimes Unit are typically responsible for investigating the following:

• Property Crimes - Burglary, Grand Theft, Possession/Receiving Stolen Property
• Arson - investigation of all illegal burning of structures, property and land
• Economic Crimes - Fraud, forgery, Bad Checks, Computer Crimes
• Fugitives - Escapees and Extraditions
• Gangs - Suppression and investigation of Gang related crimes
• Auto Theft - Member of the county wide auto theft task force
• Rural / Agriculture Crimes - Defined as any property crime against a farmer, rancher, agricultural-related business or industry which takes place in the unincorporated rural areas of the county, and impacts the victims commercial production, distribution, or economic livelihood derived from agricultural products, livestock, petroleum, chemicals, farm implements and equipment.

If you are a victim of one of these crimes and have not had a report made, call 911 or 552-2468 or file a report online.

For further information contact the General Crimes Unit at:

(209) 525-7074