Writing letters can be an important and inexpensive way to maintain a close relationship with someone who is incarcerated. Inmates may purchase pre-stamped envelopes and may send and receive as many letters as they desire. Those without sufficient funds are provided a limited supply of pre-stamped envelopes. All mail entering and leaving a jail facility is searched for contraband and the writing will be scanned for security issues. In the case of “legal mail” between an inmate and the inmate’s attorney, the Facility Commander, the Board of Corrections, or other public officials, the correspondence is checked for contraband but not read or scanned.

When addressing correspondence to someone in jail, please address the envelope in the following manner:Sample Envelope

Public Safety Center

200 E. Hackett Rd.

Modesto, CA. 95358


If you do not know the Booking Number of an inmate, visit our "Who's in Jail" page and locate the inmate by name which will contain his/her booking number. A booking number MUST be included on mailings.

Proper language shall be used in writing letters.

All mail will be inspected for contraband.

All letter writing material will be supplied by the Jail.

Mail is received at the Jail six days a week.

There is no limit to the amount of out going mail inmates may send provided they have the sufficient postage. Postage stamps may be purchased through commissary. Inmates may correspond with other inmates within Stanislaus County Adult Detention Facilities by use of the "Within the Facility" and "Facility to Facility" inmate mail system. No postage is needed to utilize this system. Indigent inmates (those inmates who have $2.00 or less on their cash account) may receive two (2) free postage paid letters for personal correspondence each week, and an unlimited amount for legal mail.

Effective November 1, 2011, Money for inmate accounts will only be accepted through TouchPay Payment Systems.

All incoming mail will be accepted, excluding those which contain polaroid pictures, any kind of nude or partially nude pictures or drawings, raised decorative stickers, letters in envelopes which could conceal contraband, personal checks, cards, items which may be obtained on commissary, mail containing substances such as powder, liquids, etc., or any material not deemed acceptable by the Facility Commander. Letters containing any one of these items will be returned to sender.

With prior written approval of the Operations Sergeant, magazines, periodicals, and books may be processed through the mail directly from the publisher.